The Vietnamese Standardization Working Group

The Vietnamese Standardization Working Group

The Vietnamese Standardization Group (Viet-Std) was formed by in the Fall of 1989 to promote the standardization of Vietnamese character encoding and to monitor ongoing work of international bodies in this regard. The group is not for profit and consists of oversea Vietnamese professionals and friends of other nationals. Members cooperate their work via the Internet and some members meet occasionally in the Silicon valley, California, and elsewhere.

After a long struggle spanning 1989-1991 the group finally succeeded in requesting the two committees on multilingual character encoding---the Unicode Consortium and the International Standardizations Organization (ISO)---to encode Vietnamese characters in a precomposed form in the same manner as other Latin-based European languages.

By the end of 1992 the group completed the design and testing of the 8-bit VIetnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange (VISCII) and the 7-bit VIetnamese Quoted Readable Specifications (VIQR). These standards are published in a report entitled:

" Vietnamese Character Encoding Standardization Report: VISCII and VIQR 1.1" by Viet-Std, September 1992.

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