Viet-Std Report 1992

Viet-Std Report 1992

The report entitled

"Vietnamese Character Encoding Standardization Report: VISCII and VIQR 1.1" by Viet-Std, September 1992

is available in PostScript, plain text versions, and hard copy. It is archived at many ftp sites:

The following description helps you select the appropriate version.

1. PostScript Document

Retrieve, print, and bind these files in the following order: These files are archived in (click to download). Individual PostScript files are also available in uncompressed *.ps format

2. Plain Text Format in True Vietnamese

The report is also available in plain text VISCII format: These two files are compressed in file.

3. Plain Text Format in 7-bit ASCII

The second version is in 7-bit ASCII (VIQR convention) under the name report.tx7.

4. Hard Copy

Alternatively, a hard copy of the report is available for US$6.00. Please make your check payable to Quang Phung (acting accountant) and send the request to

5. Update as of 2014

There are many ftp sites that archive VISCII-compliant software. For example, the following link shows all VISCII software packages

Updated: February 19, 1997 -- Viet-Std Group

Updated: December 17, 2014 -- Viet-Std Group